Monday, August 22, 2016

Big Changes Come in Little Packages

It has been a while since I last wrote, and at the time I thought that entry would be my last one ever for this blog. However, there have been some BIG changes in our life the past few months, and I wanted to share them with everyone!

This first announcement will forever change our lives, and we couldn't be happier!! David and I will become parents in late February. February 25th to be exact, but of course, what baby actually makes his/her debut into the world on time. We started trying about a month before we got back to Texas, and we got the Big Fat Positive two months later. I was shocked it happened so quickly since I had read that it usually takes six to twelve months to get pregnant, but we cannot wait until Baby C arrives!

I have had two ultrasounds already, and everything is going great with the baby. It is so amazing to see the little baby squirming around and kicking those little feet. Each time we've seen our little puddin' pop, he/she has been quite active, and the heartbeat has been very strong (178 the first time and 169 the second time). And no, you cannot go by the old wives tale that says if it's above 150 it's a girl and below 150 it's a boy. It's been proven wrong. I really really want a girl, and David wants a boy. Surprise surprise, right? For fun, I have even tried to guess the gender by doing the baking soda test, using different calendar gender predictors, and a few other tests, but those of course are really only 50% accurate. Last week at the 12 week ultrasound, the sonographer did tell us her opinion of what she thinks the gender is, but we will be keeping that a secret for a few more weeks (although I had to tell my mom and my bestie!). She said not to go run out and buy things or paint the nursery just yet because it is really early to tell gender. We'll get confirmation at our 20 week ultrasound.

Ok now for announcement #2. We are moving to Alabama! When it comes to this change though, I am filled with mixed emotions. David had been applying for electrical engineering jobs all over Texas since we made landfall back in May, but he hadn't heard a word from any of the companies he applied to. Zip, nada, zilch. Out of the blue, he received a call from a recruiter a couple of weeks ago, and the recruiter asked if he was willing to relocate to Alabama. With zero prospects in Texas, he decided to see what the job was all about, and long story short, he accepted the job late last week. He was flown out for an interview and ended up really liking the company and the position. So now he is officially an Electrical Design Engineer for Neptune Technology Group in Tallassee, Alabama. I am so proud of him, and I am also very happy that he is excited about the job!! We fly to AL this week to decide where we are going to live. Our options are Montgomery (the capital), Tallassee (pop. 4,831), or Auburn (a college town). At this point, we are leaning towards Montgomery since we've found a couple of nice places online that seem perfect for us, but we'll see. It'll be fun to go and explore each of these towns and see which ones suits us the most.

Even though it means leaving behind family and friends again so soon after we got back, I am sure this will be a positive change for us. It's only an eleven hour drive or an 1 1/2 flight back home so visiting should be pretty easy. Plus, there was one thing that really excited me when I started researching our potential new home. We will be living only 3 1/2 hours from Destin! I will be really close to those white sand beaches and beautiful blue water that I have been missing since we ended our trip. I am predicting many 3 day weekend trips to Destin, Pensacola, and Gulf Shores in our future!

For those wondering, we are still living on the boat in Kemah, but that will quickly change. We have three weeks to pack up everything, complete a few boat projects, clean the boat, turn it over to a broker, and start our road trip to our new home. There is so much to do in such a small timeframe! Wish us luck!!