Thursday, February 5, 2015

Getting ready

Welcome to our sailing blog! I'm not sure where to begin. As most of the readers of this blog will be family and friends who already know our story, I don't want to bore them. However, here is a quick introduction to how we ended up living on a boat. In the early part of summer 2014, my then fiancĂ© (who is now my hubby) suggested we give up our land based lives, buy a sailboat, and go to the Caribbean. It sounds like a good idea after you've had a couple glasses of wine but to actually say yes is a totally different matter. Giving up my then current job was a no brainer since I didn't enjoy it but not having any income whatsoever almost gave me an anxiety attack (or 2 or 3 :)  But we made the decision to go for it. We were married in September, moved back to Texas from Seattle in November, and bought a 35' Niagara sailboat in the first part of January. We have been living aboard in a marina in Kemah since Jan. 9th, and we've been mostly enjoying our life on the boat. The people here are really friendly and offer great advice, and there are even community get-togethers, like the upcoming Yachty Gras parade. Downsides....getting used to the cramped spaces, no internet, and condensation issues. We have set Feb. 21 as our date to sail to Florida and then to the Caribbean. I am very optimistic that we'll meet that date even though we have a few things to cross off our list before we leave. I am ready as I'll ever be!

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