Sunday, March 22, 2015

Destin, FL

We sailed into Destin yesterday evening and anchored out in Destin Harbor. We were starving so we rode our dinghy over to Marina CafĂ© and parked it on the small beach right outside of the restaurant. The food was delicious! We shared fish tacos, margherita pizza, and mac and cheese. Too tired to do the planned grocery trip, we headed back to the boat and fell asleep listening to a great cover band that was playing at the nearby Boshamps Oyster Bar. The next day we went ashore on the dinghy to resupply the galley. We docked at Habordocks restaurant, and they were cool with us leaving the dinghy there while we walked to the grocery store. On the way, it started pouring down rain, and we were thoroughly soaked by the time we got there. Times like these are when I really miss having a car. Doing normal day to day activities take a lot more planning and time when living on a boat. After we finished shopping, we took a taxi back to the restaurant, had a cocktail, and went back to the boat. The rain had stopped so we headed over to the beach on East Pass for a little R&R. It was beautiful and got to see some dolphins doing water aerobatics. We've seen a lot of dolphins along the way, but I never get tired of seeing them! Tomorrow morning we plan on doing laundry and then leaving for St. Petersburg to visit David's cousin Travis, his wife Rebecca, and their kids. It will be our longest passage yet (260 nautical miles) and will take 2 1/2 days to get there. Looking forward to seeing some familiar faces!

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