Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Staniel Cay - Thunderball Grotto and the Pig Beach

Snorkeling in the grotto was awesome! The Thunderball grotto, which was named after the 1965 James Bond movie that was filmed there, is an underwater cave teeming with colorful fish and coral and is lit up by a natural skylight that was created by years of rain erosion. Here is my first attempt at editing a video.


We also went to visit the infamous wild swimming pigs that live on Big Majors Spot. I do have to be honest though. We went twice…and the first time I was too intimidated by the two 300 pound pigs to get out of the dinghy or try to feed them. But the second time I went ashore to pet the little piglets and feed the big mommas some left-over apple and orange peel. After we got back in the dinghy, we noticed a couple of big rays swimming near us so we jumped back in the water with our snorkel gear to go have a look. Being down there hearing nothing but my breath and watching them silently glide underneath me was so peaceful and surreal. I wish we could stay here forever.