Thursday, February 18, 2016

Meeting Dulcinea's Previous Owners

I never would have thought that we would run into the previous of owners of Dulcinea during this trip, but it certainly happened!

When we bought Dulcinea, the broker said that the couple, Jim and Sherry, selling her were down in the Virgin Islands doing charters so we didn't meet or speak to them during the process of transferring the boat.

In Luperon we met a friend of theirs, who told them that we were out sailing in the Caribbean, and they both 'liked' the boat's Facebook page.

Fast forward five months, and we were both at the same anchorage in St. Thomas. They came over so they could see Dulcinea again and of course meet us, and then we headed to Island Time Pub to get to know each other better over some pizza.

I was so happy that we finally got to meet them, and they had us laughing at all their crazy sailing stories! They too started out their sailing adventure with little experience - you can read all about it on their blog Bluewater Gypsies. Currently, Jim and Shery run a charter sailboat so if you have ever wanted to have a luxurious sailing vacation you should definitely book with them.


  1. Hi there!

    Ben, Tambi, and Molly here. Just wanted to drop a quick comment since we discovered your blog. It's cool that there are so many other people out there that are blogging about their sailing adventures. At first, we thought we might be some kind of "trendsetter" but that's certainly not the case!

    Anyways, I wanted to let you know some of our social accounts so that we can stay connected if that's alright with you.

    Our Blog:
    Our Facebook Page:
    Our Youtube Channel:

    We'll definitely be keeping in touch, and if you have a minute sometime, please also see what we've got going on as well! It's very good to know that we're kinda involved in the same sort of adventure!

    The Clardy Family
    Ben, Tambi, and Molly
    Sailboat Story

  2. Hi Ben! Thanks for stopping by the blog! Yes, you are right. There are a lot of sailing blogs out there. I enjoy reading several of them, and it's really cool when you meet one of the bloggers you've read all about! I'll definitely check out your links so we can stay in touch. Happy sailing, and maybe our paths will cross one day soon!